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chlorine free spa water

clean, clear, safe, chlorine-free spa water

Eco OneecoONE  Simple Start-Up

To get your spa off to the right start using ecoONE follow this simple procedure.

1. Drain and clean your spa

With any hot tub disinfection system you should use a pipe cleaner at every water change to remove bio-film and other unwanted deposits from the plumbing and equipment. The ecoONE system includes a pipe cleaner and biofilm eliminator called jetONE. Flush your spa’s jets and pipework thoroughly, following the instructions on the bottle, then drain. It is alway better to leave a biofilm eliminator to work on the tub overnight, if possible.

Clean the inside of your spa shell with a non-abrasive pad and a small amount of a proprietary spa surface cleaner and rinse thoroughly.  Never use household cleaning products on your spa because they are not compatible with spa water chemistry and are likely to cause water balance problems and excessive foaming.

Clean your spa cover with a Spa Cover Cleaner to remove any mildew or bacterial deposits.

spa filters2. Clean and replace your filters

Hoze down your filters to remove any debris or loose material then clean them in your dishwasher, or soak overnight in a suitable, plastic container. You should use a proprietary Filter Cleaner to remove scale, oils and grease from the cartridge element. The ecoONE system includes a filter cleaner called filterONE.

Replace clean, dry filters into the tub.

Chlorine Free Hot Tub Water3. Refill with fresh water

The ecoONE Pre-Filter saves you money, time and hassle by removing or reducing most common water contaminants before they get into your spa. It simply connects to the end of your hose and filters your source water as it enters your tub. It removes:

  • dissolved heavy metals
  • calcites and lime scale
  • organic contaminants
  • hundreds of other common water contaminants

The ecoONE Pre-Filter will remove 90% of chlorine and 98% of metals from up to 40,000 US gallons of tap water.

4. Shock and balance your water

When your tub is full and heated apply a shock product to the water to remove any dissolved organic contaminants remaining in your fill water.  Then, as with any sanitizer system, you should also make sure that your water is adequately balanced to protect your equipment and ensure that the water remains comfortable to bathe in.  

Check the water balance for Total Alkalinity and pH. If your fresh water is outside the ranges shown below you should use water balance adjusters to first adjust the Total Alkalinity and then the pH:

  • Total Alkalinity –   80 – 120ppm
  • eco one spa monthlypH –   7.2 – 8.2

In may parts of the UK no water balance adjustment will be needed.

5. Add ecoONE Spa Monthly

Add the entire contents of the ecoONE Monthly Spa Treatment with all pumps running and all jets open.

6. Add Bromine and Test

Fill a floating dispenser with Bromine tablets and adjust so that it is dispensing at a low level.  Turn on all pumps and jets and leave the water to circulate for an hour or so.  Test the Bromine level and adjust the dispenser so that a constant level of 1 - 2 ppm is achieved.  Check the Bromine level daily for a few days and adjust the flow rate as necessary until the correct level of Bromine is maintained.

it couldn't be easier!
clean, clear, safe, chlorine-free spa water

chlorine free hot tub water

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